Here at Driftwood Carpentry we pride ourselves on having several core values that we adhere to.

Our Passion for our work is evident for all to see. We truly feel like we put a great deal of ourselves into every project that we undertake and we feel that this passion drives us forwards to create excellent end results that we can be proud to attach the Driftwood Carpentry name to. Life really is too short to not love what you do after all!

We feel that our integrity and trustworthiness defines who we are as not only a company but as people. We strive to be as transparent to our clients as possible and to bring every option to the table when discussing our projects. This allows us to pass on our professional opinion to the client whilst allowing them the freedom to decide which option works best for them, without feeling any pressure to undertake work that they are not comfortable with.

Driftwood Carpentry are big believers in The Golden Rule “treat others how you wish to be treated”. This not only applies to how we treat our current, past and future clients but fellow trades persons, Driftwood Carpentry employees and everyday people who cross our paths. Through this way of thinking we hope to make a work environment that’s enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

Directness in our line of work, we feel, is a must. This allows us to have open and honest communication with our clients and fellow workers. The old saying “what you see is what you get” couldn’t be more true with all of the Driftwood Carpentry team. We thrive on your feedback to progress as a company and find that open discourse with our clients creates a clear understanding of what is required and expected during any project.


Contact Info.

Telephone: 2508025501 , 2506167570
Address: 1991 Richardson Road