Richard Ryall
One of two owners who both hail from the UK, Rich grew up in the south
west city of Bristol. There he met his future wife Ashley and they
relocated back to Ashley’s home town of Nanaimo BC in February 2012. He
now resides there with Ashley and their beautiful daughter, Lola.
Rich comes from a large family of construction workers and began learning
his trade from a young age through the family business.
16 years on and he has gathered a vast knowledge of all aspects of the
construction industry. Renovations have been his main focus for the
majority of his career, instilling in him a flexible and thorough approach
to his work with a true eye for detail.

Wesley Tonge
The second Englishman in the company is Wes, or Wez as he pronounces it.
He grew up on a farm in the tiny village of Timberland Fen, Lincolnshire.
A brick layer and stone mason for most of his early career until an
incident that almost cost him an arm, he retrained as a finish carpenter
and cabinet maker. Having worked in the UK and Australia, his next stop
was Canada. That was 5 years ago and he hasn’t looked back. He now lives
on a small farm in Nanaimo BC with his partner Julie, their 2 dogs, a cat
and many chickens.
Since his arrival, Wes has worked on a wide range of projects from small
renovations to entire sub divisions. He is well known for his exceptional
level of craftsmanship regarding fine finishing carpentry, custom
cabinetry, beautiful kitchens and hardwood floors.
Truly passionate about every task he undertakes, that passion is only
matched by his love of all things agricultural, which are never far from
the topic of conversation.


Contact Info.

Telephone: 2508025501 , 2506167570
Address: 1991 Richardson Road